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Brief Introduction of Ethereum 2.0

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Brief Introduction of Ethereum 2.0 IMG 04

In early March 2019, after the “Istanbul” upgrade, Ethereum officially entered the “Serenity” stage. “Serenity” is also recognized as the 2.0 version of Ethereum, as the Ethereum in the “Serenity” phase will switch to Proof-of-Stake (POS) to reach a consensus. In addition, sharding will be fully launched. At the virtual machine level, the original EVM will be discarded and replaced by EWASM.

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Factors that Undercuts Your mining Outcome

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Factors that Undercuts Your mining Outcome

All the mining workers should know that the local mining hashrate is always slightly different from the pool hashrate. Since it’s related to the mining incomes, every mining worker must feel deeply concerned.

Why is the local hashrate different with the pool hashrate? In this case, should we believe in the pool hashrate or the local hashrate? How much difference should normal? Just keep on reading.

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Obtain Wallet Address for Altcoin on Trading Platforms

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Obtain Wallet Address for Altcoin on Cryptocurrency Exchange IMG N01

There are two ways to obtain wallet address of altcoin. The first one is to download wallet client on the official website, open the client and copy the wallet address. It’s a permanent method if you have wallet backup.

The other one is to generate wallet address on the cryptocurrency exchange website, it’s a temporary method suitable for small amount of mining and temporary deposit and withdrawal.

Now, we will introduce the way to obtain wallet address on the cryptocurrency exchange website.

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Evaluation on INNOSILICON T2T-32T Bitcoin Miner

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Evaluation on INNOSILICON T2T 32TH Bitcoin Miner IMG 46

Being established in 2006, Innosilicon owns 12 years of experience in IP/IC development and design. Recently, it shifts the focus to the development of cryptocurrency mining devices and has introduced multiple types of ASIC miners based on the algorithms of SHA256, Scrypt, X11, CryptoNight, Blake256, Blake2B, Equihash and CryptoNight. The machines have covered the algorithms of all mainstream cryptocurrency.

INNOSILICON introduced and started shipment of model T2T-32T, the good tool for bitcoin mining, in early September, 2018. Today, this miner becomes the focus of EastShore and we have made the evaluation on this T2T Bitcoin miner as follows.

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A Brief History of the Cryptocurrency Miners

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A Brief History of the Cryptocurrency Miners

From the day when the first Bitcoin block came into being, the occupation of mining worker was also born. As we all know that Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious initiator of the bitcoin white paper, paid special attention to the fairness of mining activity. Originally, he planned to use the CPU for mining so that most people could participate in the pursuit of cryptocurrency with only one ordinary home computer, which could enable more people with the participation right.

However, with the increasing number of mining workers and the difficulty of network mining, the calculation capability of ordinary CPU cannot meet the requirement of more difficult mining algorithm. Historically, there was fierce scientific and technological arms race in the world of cryptocurrency mining. Today, EastShore will tell you the stories of mining history in details.

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