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What Are the Recently Frequently Mentioned Sidechain?

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Bitcoin can only process about 7 transactions per second and such a speed makes it impossible to establish many related applications. So, the sidechain came into being to improve the scalability of bitcoin.

To transform the sidechain from concept to reality, the bitcoin core developers such as Adam Back and Matt Corallo released the white paper Enabling Blockchain Innovations with Pegged Sidechains, which clearly proposed the concept of sidechain and its protocol implementation for the first time.

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Wallet Address is So Long! But You Can Simply Avoid Mis-transfers with a Domain Name!

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Still remember the experience of using Ethereum wallet to transfer money to others for the first time? You pasted a long string of characters, murmured to double check the input content and the information by the other party. However, since the address was too long and you only checked the last 4 characters, then clicked the button for account transfer before suddenly realizing there was no space between the character strings? Or whether you might confuse the number 1 and the letter I?

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Review on Different Ethereum Mining Software in 2019

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At 3:52 am on March 1, 2019, Beijing time, Ethereum updated two hard forks of Constantinople and St. Petersburg on the 7,280,000 block. As the sixth and seventh comprehensive system upgrading at Ethereum, the process in Constantinople and St. Petersburg was unexpectedly smooth. Some accidents once happened in previous Ethereum hard forks, the most famous one was the ETC which appeared after the hard fork in 2016. Until now the ETC has been still running as a separate chain. The Constantinople upgrading has completely changed the mining rules of Ethereum and delayed the difficulty bomb of Ethereum for at least one year. The average block time after upgrading was reduced from 21 seconds to 12.5 seconds, while the block reward was also reduced from 3 ETHs to 2 ETHs.

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What Cryptocurrencies Can I Mine with My Computer?

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As we all know that the era of mining bitcoin with PC has gone. As the mining has got more and more difficult, the workers using PC for mining has been unable to compete with those using professional miners (AISC miner).

If you are interested in mining some altcoins with your idle PC, then you need to read this article very carefully. Nowadays there are still some cryptocurrencies which can be mined with PCs and the most popular three are introduced as follows.

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