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Analysis on Investing in Cryptocurrency Mining Farms

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Analysis on Investing in Cryptocurrency Mining Farms

We are often asked by customers that if someone wants to build a cryptocurrency mining farm, what does he need to do? What are the risks to consider? How to prevent them?

Well, investing in a cryptocurrency mining farm is indeed a huge project, and there are many factors to consider. With this article, we will analyze the common factors for investing in the construction of cryptocurrency mining farm.

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Review and Analysis for ETH and ZEC ASIC Miners

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ETH and ZEC ASIC miner disassembling evaluation

In the past, Ethash and Equihash based currencies claimed them to be ANTI-ASIC, based on the reason that these two algorithms have certain requirements regarding RAM. However, with the development of chip and mining hardware, ASIC ming hardware for different kinds of algorithms has become a reality.

In this article, we will show the difference  of ASIC and GPU hardware by disassembling and analyzing Antminer E3 and Z9.

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From 7nm chips to mining TV — new landscape of mining hardware Market

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New generation bitcoin mining machine Market

In the past few years, the industry of cryptocurrency hardware manufacturing has been developing rapidly. A large number of new manufacturers have been stepped into the field, such as GMO Group, Halong Mining, Ebang and so on. In addition, another new player, Innosilicon,  is working with Samsung’s semiconductor substitutes factory. Innosilicon launched the Terminator 2 Turbo miner, which has a hashrate of 24TH/s.

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Tutorial: Baikal Giant-B Siacoin miner SC/LBC/PASC all supported

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Baikal Giant B Siacoin miner IMG 10

Baikal Giant-B is a miner model which supports Blake256R14/Blake256R8/Blake2B/Lbry/Pascal mining. All coins based on those algorithms are supported, such as Siacoin, lbryCoin, PascalCoin etc.. It’s 80GH with 300watt for Siacoin mining, which is very competitive. For Blake2B mining, it hits 80GH/s with a power consumption of ONLY 300w.

In this tutorial, we will show you step by step about how to set up the Baikal Giant-B.

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