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51% Attack, the Doom of POW Cryptocurrency and ASIC Miners?

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As the pioneer of bitcoin, POW (Proof of Work) is widely regarded as a solution integrating security, decentralization and fairness in the consensus mechanism. The stable operation of bitcoin network for nearly decade is the best example.

The only way against POW mechanism is the 51% attack —- when certain attacker controls more than 51% of all the hashrate, he can generate the longest chain singlehanded —- the attacker can make hard fork with double-spending attack anytime. It is easy to see that such an attack demands big price from the attacker, so it only theoretically exists on paper until May 2018.

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How Secure is Your Bitcoin?

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Even in the bear market of 2018, the bitcoin prices have fallen by about 85% from the peak, however, the bitcoin is still worth about US $3,000 in the market. Therefore, all the investors must be very concerned about the security of bitcoin.

So, is bitcoin safe? In other words, can hackers easily steal the bitcoin away from the wallet?

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To Mine or to Invest regularly in Cryptocurrencies?

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After the bear market in the 2018-2019, the bitcoin price has returned to around US$10,000. As this transaction volume continues to increase, the bear market cycle of bitcoin has been completely reversed. At the same time, with the impacts of bitcoin halving, access of mainstream institutions and the application of blockchain development, the entire cryptocurrency market tends to be optimistic and more industry-related benefits are being brewed.

Although it’s hard to predict when the super bull market will come in which the price will increase several times within a year, the reversal of trend has provided a very positive signal for our long-term investors: it’s time to get rid of the bear market thinking and be bolder to purchase and store coins.

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Ways of Cryptocurrency Investing and Financing

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Just as we have discussed before that from the view of bitcoin address, the proportion of long-term holders are still increasing. Then, for those who choose to hold the coins for a long term, what are the methods to “make profits with coin storage” under the premise of security? Since some mining workers always asked similar questions, we will put into our discussion today.

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Differences among Libra, Bitcoin and PayPal

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Recently, Facebook released a white paper on its cryptocurrency, Libra, and described it as a “global currency.”

Being based on blockchain technology, Libra is very similar to bitcoin although it also depends on real assets such as a portfolio of stable government bonds; more than 20 partner institutions including MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Coinbase will participate in the plan. Each partner agency will pay at least US$10 million as membership fee and Facebook initially intends to attract at least 100 partner institutions and US $1 billion of assets.

In practical operation, Libra is more like the online payment systems such as PayPal instead of the cryptocurrency like bitcoin. The following three figures illustrate why Libra is more like the PayPal instead of bitcoin.

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