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Tutorial: FPGA Miner AGPF SK1 Multi-algorithm Supported

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Tutorial for FPGA Miner AGPF SK1 Multi-algorithm Supported IMG N00

This tutorial is intended for the AGPF SK1 FPGA Miner which is a FPGA miner. The FPGA miner AGPF SK1 has a current firmware of 0.1.5 and supports mining of various algorithms such as Veo, Skunk and xdag. Subsequent firmware upgrades will support verus and vbk algorithms as well as other algorithms. Currently, all cryptocurrencies based on Veo, Skunk and xdag algorithms can be mined, such as Amoveo (VEO), Hyundai DAC (HDAC), Dagger (xdag) and so on.

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Install AsicBoost Firmware with Ultra-detailed Graphic Instructions

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Install AsicBoost Firmware with Ultra Detailed Graphic Instructions IMG 23

Bitmain has recently released its firmware for the popular Antminer S9 to enable what is called “overt AsicBoost”. What is AsicBoost? In short, AsicBoost is best described as a “mathematical trick”. Instead of taking a huge amount of computation, miners can use the technique to whittle down their choices of potential hashes that enable them to solve a puzzle and claim bitcoin’s rewards.
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Tutorial: Antminer S17/S17 Pro the Newest 7nm Bitcoin Miner

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Tutorial for Antminer S17/S17 Pro the Newest 7nm Bitcoin Miner IMG 01

This tutorial is meant for the Antminer S17/S17 Pro which is a bitcoin miner manufactured by BITMAIN. The Antminer S17 series bitcoin miner is equipped with Bitmain’s second-generation 7nm chip BM1397. The energy efficiency ratio is as low as 39.5J/T in low power mode. The Antminer S17 series bitcoin miner is Bitmain’s most competitive SHA256 mining machine to date, supporting BTC, BCH and other SHA-256 crypto currencies.

We will take Antminer S17 Pro as an example to show settings which apply equally to Antminer S17.

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Introduction to Technical Framework and Applications of IPFS

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Introduction to Technical Framework and Applications of IPFS IMG N01

IPFS stands for Inter Planetary File System, which was launched by Juan Benet in May 2014. Juan Benet’s personal experience was quite legendary. He graduated from Stanford University. Before the establishment of IPFS project, his first company was acquired by Yahoo. In 2015, he created IPFS in the YCombinator incubation competition which won a huge investment for him and he set up a protocol lab which consisted of 14 core developers and hundreds of code contributors in the community.

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The Past Decade of Mining Industry

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The Past Decade of Mining Industry IMG N01

It’s been a decade since the creation of the genesis block on January 4th 2009.

During the decade, along with the ebbs and flows of bitcoin, the mining industry has gone through some ups and downs, and the landscape of the industry has kept changing. The name FriedCat and the term CPU mining have become obselete with the replacement of Wu Jihan, Bitmain and ASIC mining.

In the course of mining development, there have been many thrilling stories. We’d like to look back and share some of its moments with our reader.

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Transaction Models of the Blockchain

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Transaction Models of the Blockchain IMG 00

From the data structure of blockchain to the decentralization, from hashrate to mining, from consensus to fork, all our readers must have a general understanding of the blockchain now.

However, there’s a topic on which we always hoped to write something, but we hesitated because we worried our understanding might not be comprehensive and thorough enough and make some misleading.

After one month of understanding, we finally have the confidence to share this topic with all. Although this topic is inconspicuous, it is especially important, especially in the field of blockchain. I should say that it has laid the foundation for the entire decentralized application (DAPP) from now to the future, that is , the transaction models of the blockchain.

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The Untraceable Private Crypto Currency Monero

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The Untraceable Private Crypto Currency Monero IMG 02

Monero was born in 2014 with the features of higher anonymity and faster transaction speed by contract with bitcoin. In terms of Monero, it is necessary to mention an insignificant but important incident in the blockchain industry in September 2017, that is, the official adoption of RingTC anonymous technology. In the situation of dominance by bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency and popular DASH in the market, the Monero also developed into one of the mainstream currencies by means of the technology upgrading.

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