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Most Incredible Mining in History, Assemble Single Miner with 12 Graphics Cards

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How to Assemble Your Own Mining Rigs with 12 Graphics Cards IMG N01

As we all know that a miner is usually assembled with 6-8 medium and high-end graphics cards. Recently, BIOSTAR launched the TB250BTC PRO mainboard supporting 12-card mining. However, the miner assembled with 6 cards has already made some newbies feel headache, not to mention the 12-card miner.

We once introduced the general assembly method of some GPU miners (please refer to: How to Assemble Your Own Mining Rigs with Eight Graphics Cards). This article will briefly introduce the assembly of 12-card miner.

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Tutorial: Antminer Z11 Zcash ASIC Miner 135k for Zcash Mining

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Tutorial Antminer Z11 Zcash ASIC Miner 135k for Zcash Mining IMG 09

This tutorial is intended for the Antminer Z11 which is a zcash miner manufactured by BITMAIN. The Antminer Z11 is another ASIC model by Bitmain for Equihash mining. All crypto coins based on the Equihash algorithm are supported including Zcash. It hits a hashrate of 135k Sol/s with a power consumption of 1418w for Equihash mining. It is a pioneer product for Zcash mining.

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Practical Guide for Mining Noise Control

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Practical Guide for Mining Noise Control IMG 01

Noise prevention has become a big concern for most mining workers since it has affected not only the sleep but also the physical and mental health as well as neighborhood and family relationship… However, the mining for profits cannot be stopped. How to make profits by mining while reduce the noise? Now, the issue of noise reduction will be discussed as follows.

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Evaluation on Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster Litecoin Miner

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Evaluation on Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster Litecoin Miner IMG N01

Innosilicon is a professional ASIC miner developer and manufacturer whose products have covered multiple fields. The 28nm bitcoin and litecoin miners have been widely used all over China with big shares in mainstream market.

As the latest generation of miner produced by Innosilicon released in early January 2018, A6 LTCMaster miner is suitable for all cryptocurrency mining based on Scrypt algorithm. The officially released parameters are shown as follows: 1.23GH/s (+/- 8%), 1500W (+/- 8% @25°C)

Now, we will bring you the latest evaluation on Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster as follows.

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Essential Skills in Cryptocurrency: Using Bitcoin Blockchain Browser

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Using Bitcoin Blockchain Browser IMG N01

As the name suggests, the blockchain browser is a web page to view blockchain information. It’s like a window of bitcoin, through which people can see what is going on inside the bitcoin network. For example, if people want to know when a transfer will arrive, how much is the handling fee and how wealthy is the address which has transferred currency to you, they can make use of the blockchain browser as the window to obtain all the aforesaid information.

Learning to use the blockchain browser is a necessary skill for those dealing with cryptocurrency. Here, we will take the blockchain browser as an example to teach you how to use the blockchain browser.

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To trade crypto coins or to mine crypto coins?

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To trade crypto coins or to mine crypto coins IMG 01

In the past years, the cryptocurrency market has been extremely hot. The price of bitcoin has risen to thousands or even tens of thousands of RMB, which made many newbies full of eager to get rich overnight. Based on the current situation, there are two ways for the ordinary people to obtain cryptocurrency: 1. mining; 2. trading at the exchange. How should the new investors make the choice between trading and mining? What are the advantages of the both? This article will have a detailed discussion as follows.

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