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A Bitcoin Miner “Arms Race” Triggered by 7nm Chips

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A Bitcoin Arms Race Triggered by 7nm Chips IMG 00

Since the second half of 2018, the 7nm chips have been mass-produced under the continuous promotion of chip manufacturing processes such as TSMC and other global chip companies.

Almost in the same period, the bitcoin miner with 7nm chip was launched on the market which immediately attracted great attentions due to its improved performance.

The performance of previous generation of miner with 16nm chips seems to be slightly backward in comparison. When facing the challenge of 7nm miner, the 16nm miner will encounter new challenges due to the soaring difficulty of mining resulted from the cheap electricity in the upcoming flood season.

In such a situation, will the 16nm miner be rejected? Does the 7nm miner have absolute advantages? With the technological advancement, will 2019 become the key node for the upgrading of bitcoin miners? All should be seriously considered by all the mining workers.

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Where are the Mainstream Cryptocurrencies Heading to?

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Where are the Mainstream Cryptocurrencies Heading to IMG 00

The world of blockchains is full of quick conversion and the replacement of the old by the new occurs every day.

In this world, there is a conventional line, the Top 20 market value. The one crossing the threshold is called the “mainstream currency”, just like the colleges and universities in China, the most powerful ones are called 985 and the ones in the second echelon are called 211 while the others are just common colleges.

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Patterns and the Application for Bitcoin Bull and Bear Market Cycle

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Three Laws and Application of Bitcoin Bull and Bear Market Cycle IMG N01

The 4th upward cycle of bitcoin price will open around May 2019, and the entry of mainstream institutions and ETF may become the driving force of this round of cycle.

The 3rd round of price cycle may be completed around May 2019, followed by the 4th round of price cycle. The maximum increase rate in the 4th cycle will be smaller. The growing market value of bitcoin needs more financial support, so digital token must comply with the supervision to absorb more institutional funds and ETF will be the most feasible solution. In the future, it will develop from Crowdsale to ETF, from de-supervision to pro-supervision.

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What’s Going on with DAG?

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Whats Going on with DAG IMG 00

DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) is a kind of distributed ledger technology different from the mainstream blockchain. Since it can upgrade synchronous accounting to asynchronous accounting, it’s widely believed to solve the high concurrency problem of traditional blockchain as an innovation from capacity to speed. However, is DAG technology really so powerful?

This article aims to introduce the architecture, development trends and typical applications of DAG technology to the readers to provide a new idea on the development of blockchain.

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Is XDAG the Next Dark Horse?

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Is XDAG the Next Dark Horse IMG 00

XDAG was developed by a Nakamoto-like Russian professor. His codes were so casual that very few people could understand them. The professor was so mysterious that no one knew his real information. Due to his Nakamoto-like style, everyone nicknamed him Satoshi Nakamoto in Russia. In January 2018, the XDAG is launched on public line and in February, the professor “withdrew” due to the disputes with the community and XDAG was maintained by the community fans spontaneously.

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