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ETH and ZEC ASIC miner disassembling evaluation, and the direction of future mining hardware

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ETH and ZEC ASIC miner disassembling evaluation

In the past, one of the slogans of the currency using the Ethash algorithm represented by ETH and the currency using the Equihash algorithm represented by Zcash is ANTI-ASIC, which has the ability to resist the appearance of ASIC chips.

Essentially, the principle of the two algorithms involved in the ANTI-ASIC capability is to use a memory demand type algorithm, that is, the need for a certain amount of RAM storage when computing.

In 2014 and 2015, the logic of “adopting memory requirement algorithm == ANTI-ASIC” was established, which was closely related to the cost of hardware manufacturing at that time. Over time, however, the price of RAM has fallen, resulting in a reduction in the cost of specialized mining machine with large amounts of RAM. Thus, there is today’s situation – all kinds of algorithms have been conquered by mining chip manufacturers, and the corresponding algorithm specialized mining machines are available.

Today we will do some popular science through the hardware disassembly of Antminer E3 and Z9: how are the ASIC chips of these algorithms different from the ASIC chips of old algorithms such as Bitcoin and Litecoin?

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From mass production of 7nm to mining TV — new generation bitcoin mining machine Market

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New generation bitcoin mining machine Market

Bitcoin mining industry is very competitive.

In the past few years, the industry has developed rapidly. In just nine months, a large number of new mining machine manufacturers have been added, such as GMO Group, Halong Mining, Ebang and so on. In addition, another new face is working with Samsung’s semiconductor substitutes factory, Innosilicon, which launched the Terminator 2 Turbo miner, which has improved its hashrate to 24TH/s.

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