Detailed performance rating for all the bitcoin miners

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bitcoin miner performance

There are many miners, which one is the best? Here is a detailed performance rating for all the bitcoin miners based on mathematical measuring method.



The following chart is the original data for all the miners.

  Hash Rate (GH/s) Power Consumption (W) Power Efficiency (W/GH) Noise(degree)
Antminer U3 63 63 1.00 1
Antminer S1 180 360 2.00 2
Antminer C1 1008 810 0.80 2
Antminer S4 2000 1400 0.70 3
Antminer S4+ 2570 1580 0.61 4
Antminer S5 1150 590 0.51 3
Antminer S5+ 7722 3436 0.44 5
Antminer S7 4730 1290 0.27 4
Avalon 6 3500 1050 0.30 4
Antminer S9 11850 1172 0.09 4



Let’s put all the original data into one chart for comparison. 

How to do this:

  1. The data are normalized so to be compared in the same graph;
  2. Because the unit of measurement of the data are different, for example, the unit of “Hash Rate” is GH/s, the “power consumption” is “w” and etc. , so we normalized all the data to unit of measurement as “Degree” (the y-axis in the picture), so we can put all the data to a same graph.

bitcoin miner performance



  • Hash Rate: Bigger numbers are better.
  • Power Consumption: Lower numbers are better.
  • Power Efficiency: The power consumption of one-GH/s hash(watt of 1GH/s); Lower numbers are better.
  • Noise: Lower numbers are better.

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