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A Bitcoin Miner “Arms Race” Triggered by 7nm Chips

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A Bitcoin Arms Race Triggered by 7nm Chips IMG 00

Since the second half of 2018, the 7nm chips have been mass-produced under the continuous promotion of chip manufacturing processes such as TSMC and other global chip companies.

Almost in the same period, the bitcoin miner with 7nm chip was launched on the market which immediately attracted great attentions due to its improved performance.

The performance of previous generation of miner with 16nm chips seems to be slightly backward in comparison. When facing the challenge of 7nm miner, the 16nm miner will encounter new challenges due to the soaring difficulty of mining resulted from the cheap electricity in the upcoming flood season.

In such a situation, will the 16nm miner be rejected? Does the 7nm miner have absolute advantages? With the technological advancement, will 2019 become the key node for the upgrading of bitcoin miners? All should be seriously considered by all the mining workers.

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Review on Different Ethereum Mining Software in 2019

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Review on Different Ethereum Mining Software in 2019 IMG 05

At 3:52 am on March 1, 2019, Beijing time, Ethereum updated two hard forks of Constantinople and St. Petersburg on the 7,280,000 block. As the sixth and seventh comprehensive system upgrading at Ethereum, the process in Constantinople and St. Petersburg was unexpectedly smooth. Some accidents once happened in previous Ethereum hard forks, the most famous one was the ETC which appeared after the hard fork in 2016. Until now the ETC has been still running as a separate chain. The Constantinople upgrading has completely changed the mining rules of Ethereum and delayed the difficulty bomb of Ethereum for at least one year. The average block time after upgrading was reduced from 21 seconds to 12.5 seconds, while the block reward was also reduced from 3 ETHs to 2 ETHs.

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What Cryptocurrencies Can I Mine with My Computer?

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What Cryptocurrencies Can I Mine with My Computer IMG 06

As we all know that the era of mining bitcoin with PC has gone. As the mining has got more and more difficult, the workers using PC for mining has been unable to compete with those using professional miners (AISC miner).

If you are interested in mining some altcoins with your idle PC, then you need to read this article very carefully. Nowadays there are still some cryptocurrencies which can be mined with PCs and the most popular three are introduced as follows.

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Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019

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Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019 IMG N01

The last article introduced what we can learn from the model numbers of graphics cards. Since 2017, the cryptocurrency market has undergone earth-shaking changes, such as new currencies, new algorithms and the markets changing from bull to bear, but more importantly, it’s the new graphics cards appearing in the market.

This article will introduce the five Nvidia graphics cards launched in 2018-2019 which are most suitable for mining with the best cost performance.

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Most Incredible Mining in History, Assemble Single Miner with 12 Graphics Cards

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How to Assemble Your Own Mining Rigs with 12 Graphics Cards IMG N01

As we all know that a miner is usually assembled with 6-8 medium and high-end graphics cards. Recently, BIOSTAR launched the TB250BTC PRO mainboard supporting 12-card mining. However, the miner assembled with 6 cards has already made some newbies feel headache, not to mention the 12-card miner.

We once introduced the general assembly method of some GPU miners (please refer to: How to Assemble Your Own Mining Rigs with Eight Graphics Cards). This article will briefly introduce the assembly of 12-card miner.

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To trade crypto coins or to mine crypto coins?

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To trade crypto coins or to mine crypto coins IMG 01

In the past years, the cryptocurrency market has been extremely hot. The price of bitcoin has risen to thousands or even tens of thousands of RMB, which made many newbies full of eager to get rich overnight. Based on the current situation, there are two ways for the ordinary people to obtain cryptocurrency: 1. mining; 2. trading at the exchange. How should the new investors make the choice between trading and mining? What are the advantages of the both? This article will have a detailed discussion as follows.

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