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Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019

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Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019 IMG N01

The last article introduced what we can learn from the model numbers of graphics cards. Since 2017, the cryptocurrency market has undergone earth-shaking changes, such as new currencies, new algorithms and the markets changing from bull to bear, but more importantly, it’s the new graphics cards appearing in the market.

This article will introduce the five Nvidia graphics cards launched in 2018-2019 which are most suitable for mining with the best cost performance.

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Most Incredible Mining in History, Assemble Single Miner with 12 Graphics Cards

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How to Assemble Your Own Mining Rigs with 12 Graphics Cards IMG N01

As we all know that a miner is usually assembled with 6-8 medium and high-end graphics cards. Recently, BIOSTAR launched the TB250BTC PRO mainboard supporting 12-card mining. However, the miner assembled with 6 cards has already made some newbies feel headache, not to mention the 12-card miner.

We once introduced the general assembly method of some GPU miners (please refer to: How to Assemble Your Own Mining Rigs with Eight Graphics Cards). This article will briefly introduce the assembly of 12-card miner.

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To trade crypto coins or to mine crypto coins?

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To trade crypto coins or to mine crypto coins IMG 01

In the past years, the cryptocurrency market has been extremely hot. The price of bitcoin has risen to thousands or even tens of thousands of RMB, which made many newbies full of eager to get rich overnight. Based on the current situation, there are two ways for the ordinary people to obtain cryptocurrency: 1. mining; 2. trading at the exchange. How should the new investors make the choice between trading and mining? What are the advantages of the both? This article will have a detailed discussion as follows.

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Brief Introduction of Ethereum 2.0

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Brief Introduction of Ethereum 2.0 IMG 04

In early March 2019, after the “Istanbul” upgrade, Ethereum officially entered the “Serenity” stage. “Serenity” is also recognized as the 2.0 version of Ethereum, as the Ethereum in the “Serenity” phase will switch to Proof-of-Stake (POS) to reach a consensus. In addition, sharding will be fully launched. At the virtual machine level, the original EVM will be discarded and replaced by EWASM.

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Factors that Undercuts Your mining Outcome

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Factors that Undercuts Your mining Outcome

All the mining workers should know that the local mining hashrate is always slightly different from the pool hashrate. Since it’s related to the mining incomes, every mining worker must feel deeply concerned.

Why is the local hashrate different with the pool hashrate? In this case, should we believe in the pool hashrate or the local hashrate? How much difference should normal? Just keep on reading.

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