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Does Bakkt mean New Prospects for Bitcoin Futures?

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The NYSE parent company, ICE, originally planned to launch the Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Exchange in December 2018. Due to various reasons, it was delayed until the July 23 when the global user test of bitcoin daily and monthly futures contracts was finally launched. It finally went online on September 23.

The glamor of Bakkt not only comes from its compliance attempts in physical delivery, but also its traditional financial background and strong investment institutions.

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The Impossible Triangle: A Lie about Blockchain

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This is not an article with conclusion. It only aims to trigger heated discussion and exploration on the concept known by almost everyone in the blockchain field: the impossible triangle.

We will discuss whether it is a true concept or a pseudo one, because only when we can distinguish the authenticity and no longer focus and waste our development on the pseudo one, it’s possible to explore the issues in the blockchain which really need to be focused and solved.

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Cryptocurrency Issued by 14 Municipal and National Administrations

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At a time when blockchain and cryptocurrency waves are sweeping across the world and the vague prospects of central banks on cryptocurrencies, many large cities worldwide seem to rush to introduce their own regional cryptocurrencies.

In Asia, Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taiwan; In Europe, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine; In America, Canada; In Africa, Orania … According to public statistics, more than 14 countries and regions in the world have launched exclusive “city cryptocurrency”.

EastShore will make a detailed introduction of the city cryptocurrency in this article. No matter whether they are successful ones, they will provide a new paradigm template for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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What’s Going on with DAG?

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DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) is a kind of distributed ledger technology different from the mainstream blockchain. Since it can upgrade synchronous accounting to asynchronous accounting, it’s widely believed to solve the high concurrency problem of traditional blockchain as an innovation from capacity to speed. However, is DAG technology really so powerful?

This article aims to introduce the architecture, development trends and typical applications of DAG technology to the readers to provide a new idea on the development of blockchain.

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