The NOT Brand New Antminer S5 is actually quite new

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The NOT Brand New Antminer S5 is actually quite new.  Here we will introduce you the actually status of the NOT Brand New miner with the real pictures directly took from the NOT Brand New miner.

We have stated in the product description of Antminer S5 that the miner is NOT brand new. The Antminer S5 has been ended production, so the Antminer S5 sold on the market now are all used miner.

We get the miner directly from the mining farm of the manufacturer. Miners are in good status, only with some scratches or dust in appearance. This minor defect is cosmetic only and won’t affect the performance of the miner.

But actually, the miner is quite new because of the very good mining conditions of the farm.

  • Generally, you will receive a miner looks like this (only with some scratches in appearance).


closer look

  • Or a miner like this (It’s actually very very new):


  • The most used miner maybe looks likes this:


There are more scratches in the appearance. However, those most-used miners are rare. If we get a miner like this, we will take some photos to show you the actual status of the miner before shipping to make sure you don’t mind about this.


All the NOT brand new miner will be working at a good speed without any problems with mining. We will test the miner and pass you the test screenshot before shipping.


What’s more, all the miners will have an after-sale warranty. If there are any problems with a miner in warranty period, we will repair it and won’t charge you anything.


EastShore, will always be your best partner in the mining world.

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