Tutorial: Antminer C1 1.08TH @ 810w bitcoin miner

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Antminer C1 is the newest water cooling bitcoin miner. In this tutorial, we will introduce the setting-up for Antminer C1(1.08TH @ 810w) bitcoin miner. Quiet and Powerful, get it now!


Miner Specifics

  • Hash Rate: 1.08 TH/s ± 5%
  • Power Consumption: 810W  ± 5%
  • Chip: 28nm BM1384
  • Cooling: water cooling
  • Network Connection: Ethernet
  • PSU Recommend:
  • 1600w PSU (NEED 1, RECOMMEND): check here


Official Manual

  • You can also get the official manual  here


Before Start

  • Please prepare a ATX PSU ( >=850w and with 6pin x 4)
  • Heat Dissipation: NEED a water cooling system for heat dissipation.(check out here)
  • Please prepare some water cooling system using coolant. And also, you can use distilled water or the deionized water as the coolant. (In our test, the ordinary water also works very well as the coolant, but we still recommend you use the distilled water or the deionized water as the coolant.)
  • Connect the miner to the router by internet cord.
  • The default configuration IP of the miner is “”, so, plz make sure the IP your router is “”.
  • For miner configuration, plz use the ethernet cord to connect the miner to the same router which your PC also connected. (Your PC is just needed for miner configuration)
  • If you have many miners, you need to change the IP address of those miners to avoid the IP address conflict. (For how to change the IP of the miner, see the section {WAN setting} in the official manual above)


Check Your Network

  • Pressing the windows key + the R key. So ‘Windows + R‘. This should give you a small window called ‘run’.
  • Enter ‘cmd’ in the window, and hit the enter key. This should open a new window.

  • Input commend “ipconfig”, it will show the details of your network.
  • Make sure the “Default Gateway” is “192.168.1.xx”.

  • If the default gateway is not “192.168.1.xx”, please: change to another router (which give a default gateway as “192.168.1.xx”), or, change the ip of your router to “192.168.1.xx”


Setting Up the PSU: ATX PSU

  • Suppose you use a ATX Computer Power Supply as your mining PSU.
  • You will need 1 jumper wire.  On the PSU’s 24pin motherboard power cable, you have to cross the “Green” line and the “Black” line. (The PSU has a computer inside and it communicates with the motherboard.  For this setup, there is no computer motherboard to connect to, so, we have to make the PSU think it’s connected to the motherboard and the PCI and PCI-Express ports are needing the +12 V power.

Water Cooling System NEEDED

  • If you also bought the water cooling system in our store, please just skip this section. (plz go to the following section {Miner Connection} for how to connect the water cooling system to your miner.)
  • Water cooling system is required for heat dissipation. (or the miner maybe got damaged while mining.)
  • Water cooling system recommend: here
  • You can also buy the cooling system in your local market, but please pay attention to the specifics of the system. And please use the appropriate coolant according to the “User Guide” of your cooling system, the distilled water or the deionized water maybe not appropriate to your system. (Please see the section “Specifics” for a reference of the water cooling system needed)
  • For the specifics of the water cooling system, plz check it here: here
  • The following tutorial about the {Miner Connection} will be based on the water cooling system in our store. (For other water cooling sytem ,plz pay attention to the “User Guide” of your cooling system).


Miner Connection

The following tutorial will be based on the water cooling system you bought in our store. (If you bought the water cooling system in your local market, plz check out the “User Guide” of your system for how to use it.)

  • Check out the miner in the package.

  • There are 8 x 6pin ports(2 row) on the miner.

  • The 4 ports on the left side is the ports for your PSU. Please connect the 4 ports via the 6pin cords of your PSU.

  • Check out the water cooling system in the package. It should be like the following picture showing:

  • There is a “connection cord” in the package of the water cooling system, like the following picture showing:

  • The connection cord is very important for the system. We will use it to connect the miner, the fan and the water pump together.
  • Let’s take a closer look at the connection cord, you should find out that there is a 6pin connector among all the white connectors of the connection cord.

  • Insert the 6pin connector of the connection cord to the 6pin port on the miner. (one of the  4 ports right side on the miner)

  • Now, let’s connect the fan to the connection cord.
  • There are 3 lines on the fan in the cooling system package.

  • Connect each of the line to the connection cord.

  • Then,  Let’s connect the water pump to the connection cord.
  • There is a water pump in the water cooling system, like the picture showing here:

  • See, there is a cord on the water pump.

  • Connect the cord on the water pump to the connection cord.

  • Ok, all the connection about the “Connection Cord” is done. All you connected so far should be like the following picture showing:

  • Now, let’s connect the plastic conduit.
  • You will find out a white plastic conduits in the package water cooling system. Please cut it into 3 pieces. (Sometimes, we have already cutted it into 3 pieces for you.)

  • Connect the water pump, the miner and the fan via the plastic conduits. Important: please pay attention to the port the conduits connected. DO NOT insert the conduits to the wrong port.

  • Let’s take a closer look at the connection of the conduits.

  • Important: Please make sure all the conduits connected tightly. (Or the water in the conduits may leak)
  • Important: Please make sure all the conduits are NOT folding.
  • There is a leathe mat in the package. like the picture showing:

  • Put it under the water pump. (For shock absorption use)

  • Pour the water you prepared into the water pump, until it is full.

  • Insert the internet cord.

  • Then, power on the miner. (That means, power on your PSU)
  • Then you will find that, the coolant(eg. the water) in the conduits start flowing vert fast. And the coolant in the water pump you just filled is being empty very soon. Please refill the water pump with your coolant(eg. the water) until it is full again. (And again, plz make sure all the conduits are connected tightly and there is no any water leaking around the conduits.)
  • A well working miner with water cooling system should be like this (I used a special kind of coolant in the test, the color of the coolant is green.):

  • Then, all the connection stuff is done.
  • And NOTE: you should pay attention to the coolant inside the water cooling system, if there is just a little coolant left in the pump, please add more coolant into the pump.



  • Connect all the cords and ethernet cord.
  • Power on the PSU.
  • Now, we can configure the miner now.
  • The default ip of the miner is “”. Login the configuration page via the configuration ip(eg. The default username is “root” and password is “root” too, and then click “Login”.

  • In the “Miner Configuration”, configure your mining pool address, mining account, miner password etc. And click “Save & Apply”.

  • Wait for abount 1~2 minutes.(ps: while you are waitting, you’d better not to click anyting, in our test, sometimes(just sometimes), I click someting while i am waiting, the mining will not start, the miner status page have no any data, I don’t know why, orz…)
  • While waitting, the miner maybe beep for a while (or not). Just let it beep…
  • When the miner stop beep, the mining is starting… You can check the mining status in the “Miner Status” page. (ps: sometimes, the page may show no any data, it just occur sometimes, however, in that situation, plz just power off your miner, and then power on it again.)

  • The mining will start automatically when power on after you configure it.
  • If you have several miners, you need to change the ip address of each miner. (Or you won’t run some miners.) For how to change the default IP address of the miners, see section {Change Default IP} next. You should change the default IP for every miners you have.


Change the Default IP

If you have several miners, you need to change the ip address of each miner.

  • Please login the configuration page of the miner
  • Navigate to the option “Network” –> “Settings”
  • Change the option “Protocol” from “Static” to “DHCP”.



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