Tutorial: Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner 250MH @ 400w for Scrypt Mining

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Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner tutorial

This tutorial applys to both Antminer L3 and Antminer L3+.

Antminer L3 is a latest product of Bitmain, it is a Litecoin miner developed based on BM1485 chip. With the amount of 144 BM1485 chips, L3 reaches a speed as high as 250MH/s with the power consumption of only 400watt which brings new prospect to litecoin mining.

{Miner Specifics}

  • Brand: Antminer L3
  • Model: 250 MH/s @ 400w
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Hash Rate: 250 MH/s ± 5%
  • Power Consumption: 400w
  • Fan: 1 x fan
  • PSU: NO PSU. NEED a PSU > 600w with 6pin x 9
  • PSU Recommend: 750w PSU


{Miner Connection}

  • Please check if all the cables are plugged tightly and properly before setting up, ESPECIALLY the cable of the fan, it tends to loosen up during shipping.
  • Get your PSU ready. You need to prepare a PSU > 600w with 6pin x 5 for the miner. If you bought the 750w PSU in our site, check here for the setting-up of this PSU.
  • For the miner configuration, please connect the miner to the LAN port on the same router which your computer is also connected to. The miner is stand-alone, your computer is just needed for the miner configuration.
  • This is the miner you will receive.

Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner img 19

  • Please check if all the cables on the miner to make sure they are inserted tightly.

Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner img 10

  • Let’s connect the miner to your PSU via the 6pin ports on the miner.
  • There are FIVE 6pin ports on the miner. All the five 6pin ports are needed. You need to connect all the 6pin ports to your PSU. (Don’t forget to connect the 6pin port on the little green controller board)

Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner five 6pin ports

  • However, if there are two 6pin ports on each board(or, for the connection of the Antminer L3+), then you just need to connect the outer one (During testing, we found that 5 ports are enough. However, for long-term use of the miner, connect all the 9 six-PIN of the miner recommended.).

Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner connect outer 6pin port

  • Then the connection is done.

Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner connect done



{Mining Guide}

  • Power on the miner. (Important: If you used several PSUs for the miner, you should power on the PSU which connected to the 6pin port on the little green controller FINALLY).
  • Wait for about 1~2 minutes.
  • Then, please use software to scan out the IP of the miner on your PC. For how to scan out the IP of the miner, check here: https://www.eastshore.xyz/how-to-scan-out-the-configuration-ip-address-of-the-miner/
  • Then, you can log into the miner configuration page for miner configuration. Please open your internet browser, such as Google Chrome, IE etc. and open the IP address you just scanned out (For example,  The username and the password are all “root

Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner login to the configuration page

  • Navigating to the “Miner Status” page and keep refreshing the page until some data (Speed, miner account, pool etc.) is shown on the page (This means, the mining is starting. Generally, the miner need about 1~3 minutes to start mining). The fan of the miner maybe gets loudly and slowly for several times while you are waiting. And sometimes, the data on the page maybe disappear again just a few seconds or one minute after the mining starts, don’t worry, please waiting for the miner working constantly.

Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner miner status page

  • Then navigating to the “Miner Configuration“ page, configuring your mining pool address, mining account, miner password etc. Then click “Save & Apply”.
  • Save the changes, then wait for about 1 minutes for the setting applying.

Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner configure mining setting

  • Change to the page “Miner Status” again, and please refreshing the page until there are some data shown on the page. Then the mining is starting.
  • The fan of the Antminer L3 will NOT work at the FULL-SPEED all the time. In fact, the fan may not work if the temperature of miner is not too high. That’s will be normal, don’t worry.
  • You don’t need to change anything else if the miner is working great.
  • If you have any problem, please level us a comment, we will reply your comment to help you figure out the problem.


{Mining Tip}

Please pay more attention to the following tips if you are running several miners(<= 10 miners) together:

  1. The heat dissipation
    • Please make sure all the hot wind which comes out of the fan(of the miner) will be exhausted timely.
    • And what’s more, all the hot wind would be exhausted in the same direction, and there is no hot wind will be blown into other miners’ air inlet end.
  2. If you connected several miners into one power strip which is connected to the socket on the wall, you need to:
    • Please check the maximum current rating of your power strip.
    • For example, in China, for some of the power strips, the maximum current rating is about 2000w. As the power consumption of the miner is nearly 1400w, so it is better to connect ONLY ONE miner into one power strip. Or the miner might stop working.


{Test Video}

Here is a test video for the Antminer L3: https://youtu.be/5x3KpA-B8jo

The Antminer L3 Litecoin Miner 250MH for Scrypt Mining Performance Test Video

{Trouble Shoot}

For all the troubles you get in the mining, please try the following suggestions:

  • Check your home network, the mining pool to make sure all the network are working well.
  • Check if all the cables on the miner inserted tightly. Especially the three cables connected to the hash board. They may get loose in the shipping.
  • Did you connect all the ten 6pin ports on the miner to your PSU? All the five 6pin ports are needed for mining.
  • Have any heat sinks fallen off? Give the machine a gentle shake and double-check that no heat sinks have become loose or fallen off in transit.
  • Try to reset the miner. There is a reset hole beside the internet port. After the miner powered on and running, waiting for 5 minutes(until the miner start mining), please get a sharp pin and press the hole for about 10 seconds. Then please wait for about 5 minutes for the resetting. You may need to rescan the IP address of the miner after reset.
  • Try to upgrade the firmware: check tutorial here: https://www.eastshore.xyz/how-to-upgrade-the-firmware-for-a-bitcoin-miner/
  • Miner keeps restarting: If you also bought the Antminer 1600w PSU(APW3-12-1600-B2) for the miner, please make sure your home voltage is stable. The working voltage of this PSU should be >= 205V. If your home voltage is not stable, the PSU may stop working(or with the fun working but no power output). In this occasion, you may need to get a voltage stabilizer for the PSU.

If all the methods are not working, please contact us for help.

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