Tutorial: X11 ASIC Miner Baikal Mini 150MH @ 40w Dash Miner

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baikal mini 150MH X11 miner tutorial

The size of Baikal MINI X11 ASIC miner is smaller than most of other miners, yet its performance is great! Efficiency ratio is 150MH/40watt. In this tutorial, we will introduce the setting-up for this small but powerful miner.


Miner Specifics

  • Brand: Baikal Mini X11 Miner
  • Hash Rate: 150 MH/s ± 5%
  • Power Consumption: 40W
  • Cooling: 1 fan
  • Network Connection: Ethernet
  • PSU: NO PSU. NEED a 12V5A Switching Power Adapter as PSU (Plug specific: Outer Diameter 5.5mm; Inner Diameter 2.5mm). With a free “6pin to DC” convert cable.
  • PSU Recommend: 12V5A Switching Power Adapter



First, some knowledge about the X11 mining algorithm, the currency DASH, and some dash mining pools would be useful. (Check the resources guide in our blog Dash: The Complete Guide to start).

You need to choose one of the mining pools and create a mining worker in that pool. Also, it is recommended that you have a look at the “Help” section of your mining pool.

In our tutorial, we will use the coinmine.pl  mining pool for DASH mining.

x11 asic miner eastshore mining pool account


Get Your PSU Ready

  • The miner comes with NO integrated PSU. If you also bought the Baikal PSU package from EastShore, please skip this section and go to the next section for the miner setting-up.
  • Or, you could get a 12V5A switch power adapter for the miner with the interface type as: Outer Diameter 5.5mm; Inner Diameter 2.5mm.

12V5A Switching Power Adapter img 00

  • EastShore includes a free “6pin to DC” convert cable with the miner. By using this cable, you can also use your ATX PSU or switch PSU (>100w with 6pin x 1) for the miner. So you don’t need to buy another 12V5A power adapter for it (if you have already got a PSU). For example, many EastShore customers have already got a 1600w Antminer PSU, or a 750W mining PSU, in this case, you can directly use those PSUs for the Baikal miner.

baikal x11 miner 6pin to dc cable

11baikal x11 miner PSU connect using convert cable


Miner Connection

  • Connect the miner to the LAN port on the same router which your computer is also connected to. The miner is stand-alone, your computer  is just needed for miner configuration.
  • This is the miner you will receive from EastShore.

baikal 150MH x11 miner in the box

baikal 150MH x11 asic miner img_02

  • There is an ethernet port on one end of the miner. And there are PSU connection port and power switch on another end of the miner.

baikal 150MH x11 asic miner img_05 baikal 150MH x11 miner PSU port and switch

  • The connection of the miner is very easy. First, insert the ethernet cord. Then, connect the miner to your PSU via the PSU connection port.

baikal 150MH x11 miner PSU connected

  • Turn on the miner.
  • Miner connection DONE.

baikal 150MH x11 miner mining


Mining Guide

  • Make sure you connected the miner properly. Power on your PSU and the switch on the miner.
  • Wait for 1~3 minutes. (The miner needs about 1~3 minutes to initialize itself. Please wait patiently.)
  • Scan the IP address of your miner: The “Network Protocol” of the miner is “DHCP”. The IP address will be different under different networks. You can refer to this blog for scanning instructions: https://www.eastshore.xyz/how-to-scan-out-the-configuration-ip-address-of-the-miner/
  • Log into the miner configuration page:   Open your Internet browser, such as Google Chrome, IE etc. and open the IP address you just scanned (For example, The password is “baikal“.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner log in the configuration page

  • Sometimes, you may not be able to log into the configuration page immediately, please just wait for about 1 minutes then try to log again.
  • Then, the “Homepage” of the miner will display.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner homepage

  • For the first time you log in, the configuration page might show something like “No devices running” and there is no other data shown. And the upper left corner of the page may  be showing “Miner DOWN“. Please just wait for a while, until there is some devices and pools data showing.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner miner down shown

  • Click the “Miner” tab on the top of the page for mining account setting.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner mining account setting page

  • Before setting your mining account, you should first take a look at the “GETTING STARTED GUIDE” page of your mining pool to know the mining URL of your pool. For example, we tested the miner in the pool CoinMine.pl. According to its GETTING STARTED GUIDE  page, we create the mining worker “eastshore” in our pool account, and set our pool URL of the miner as:

Pool1 URL: stratum+tcp://mine1.coinmine.pl:6099

Pool1 Worker: eastshore.1

Pool1 Password: 123

  • On the “Miner” setting page, you can add a mining account by clicking “Add pool” or delete a mining account record by clicking the little “x” as shown in the picture below.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner add mining account

  • You can also use the “predefined pools” to add an account setting. By clicking one of the pool, then the default setting will be loaded.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner predefined pools

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner load predefined pools

  • After setting your mining account details, please save the setting by clicking “Save pools“. (The “Save pools” button will appear automatically after changes made. Otherwise, the button will be hidden.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner save setting

  • You don’t need to change anything else on the “Miner” setting page. (For example, the “SCMINER Options” )
  • Wait for 1~3 minutes, then the miner will reload the mining setting and start mining with the mining account you just set.
  • Navigate to the homepage by clicking the red circle in the following picture.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner back to homepage v2

  • You can check the mining details on the configuration homepage. The mining speed showing here will be refreshed every 5 seconds.

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner long time running

  • If your miner works perfectly, you don’t need to change anything else(including other settings in “Settings”, “Backup”, “Terminal” tabs). If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t tweak it.
  • Now, you are all set up. Let the beautiful machine work and earn money for you.


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