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Practical Guide for Mining Noise Control

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Practical Guide for Mining Noise Control IMG 01

Noise prevention has become a big concern for most mining workers since it has affected not only the sleep but also the physical and mental health as well as neighborhood and family relationship… However, the mining for profits cannot be stopped. How to make profits by mining while reduce the noise? Now, the issue of noise reduction will be discussed as follows.

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Essential Skills in Cryptocurrency: Using Bitcoin Blockchain Browser

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As the name suggests, the blockchain browser is a web page to view blockchain information. It’s like a window of bitcoin, through which people can see what is going on inside the bitcoin network. For example, if people want to know when a transfer will arrive, how much is the handling fee and how wealthy is the address which has transferred currency to you, they can make use of the blockchain browser as the window to obtain all the aforesaid information.

Learning to use the blockchain browser is a necessary skill for those dealing with cryptocurrency. Here, we will take the blockchain browser as an example to teach you how to use the blockchain browser.

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Obtain Wallet Address for Altcoin on Trading Platforms

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Obtain Wallet Address for Altcoin on Cryptocurrency Exchange IMG N01

There are two ways to obtain wallet address of altcoin. The first one is to download wallet client on the official website, open the client and copy the wallet address. It’s a permanent method if you have wallet backup.

The other one is to generate wallet address on the cryptocurrency exchange website, it’s a temporary method suitable for small amount of mining and temporary deposit and withdrawal.

Now, we will introduce the way to obtain wallet address on the cryptocurrency exchange website.

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Operation and Maintenance Manual of Cryptocurrency Mining Farms

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Operation and Maintenance Manual of Cryptocurrency Mining Farms IMG N01

This manual elaborates the relevant points of mining farm operation and maintenance. The operation and maintenance staff should know and master the basic maintenance of miners, including system upgrade, reset and TF card recovery, as well as simple fault judgments such as temperature protection, fan failure, network failure, etc. In addition, they should also have a certain understanding of power supply, network, environment, etc. of the mining farm to make corresponding inspections regularly, so that they can find and solve problems in time to reduce failure rate of miners.

This manual introduces the operation and maintenance of cryptocurrency mining farms from the following aspects: Routine Inspection, Notices for Going on and off Racks, Miner Troubleshooting.

The mining farm of Antminer will be used as an example in the manual. However, this manual is also applicable to other types of miners.

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Miner Virus Prevention and Solutions

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Miner Virus Prevention and Solutions IMG 10

Some customers complained recently that their mining farms were hacked, the workers in the pools were tampered and the hashrate was stolen. According to our investigation and analysis, most of the cases were caused by customers accessing irregular websites, downloading third-party firmware or overclocking firmware. In addition, if the miner was second-handed or repaired at unauthorized service station, it will be most possibly attacked by virus.

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