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Operation and Maintenance Manual of Cryptocurrency Mining Farms

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Operation and Maintenance Manual of Cryptocurrency Mining Farms IMG N01

This manual elaborates the relevant points of mining farm operation and maintenance. The operation and maintenance staff should know and master the basic maintenance of miners, including system upgrade, reset and TF card recovery, as well as simple fault judgments such as temperature protection, fan failure, network failure, etc. In addition, they should also have a certain understanding of power supply, network, environment, etc. of the mining farm to make corresponding inspections regularly, so that they can find and solve problems in time to reduce failure rate of miners.

This manual introduces the operation and maintenance of cryptocurrency mining farms from the following aspects: Routine Inspection, Notices for Going on and off Racks, Miner Troubleshooting.

The mining farm of Antminer will be used as an example in the manual. However, this manual is also applicable to other types of miners.

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Miner Virus Prevention and Solutions

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Miner Virus Prevention and Solutions IMG 10

Some customers complained recently that their mining farms were hacked, the workers in the pools were tampered and the hashrate was stolen. According to our investigation and analysis, most of the cases were caused by customers accessing irregular websites, downloading third-party firmware or overclocking firmware. In addition, if the miner was second-handed or repaired at unauthorized service station, it will be most possibly attacked by virus.

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Intro and Tutorial for Bitcoin Core Wallet

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Intro and Tutorial for Bitcoin Core Wallet

Bitcoin is a kind of open-sourced and decentralized cryptocurrency, which can also be known as digital asset or digital gold. It adopts the blockchain distributed ledger technology to generate one block every ten minutes. All the transactions generated within the ten minutes will be recorded in this block. The client wallet run by users will record the content of each block. In January 2009, it was released by a person nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto and the first block came into being on January 9, 2009. From the perspective of investment, if it’s calculated at the initial price of 1 cent, the value has increased by more than 300,000 times so far.

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Create Bitcoin Cold Wallet with Electrum

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Create Bitcoin Cold Wallet with Electrum IMG N01

In the Lunar New Year holidays of 2015, the Year of Goat, it’s reported that the cold wallet of BTER, one of China’s largest exchange of Altcoin, was cracked and 7170 bitcoins were stolen by hackers instantly with a heavy loss of more than 10 million RMB. The public can’t help asking how come the bitcoins were stolen even being stored in cold wallet? Bitcoin is still safe enough? The boss of BTER exchange repeatedly claimed in media reports that “passwords have been cracked”. Has cold wallet anything to do with passwords? Or the boss never knew what cold wallet was. As Xu Mingxing, creator of Okcoin, has said, “the key (for bitcoin cold wallet) is never to be connected to network.”

Now, we’d like to give the most basic introduction of cold wallet step by step by graphics as well as ways to create a cold wallet never access to network and conduct a bitcoin transaction offline.

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