We are starting shipping out the Antminer S7

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antminer s7 is ready for shipping

We are starting shipping out the Antminer S7 last Thursday! (Batch three)

(update 12/15/2015: Antminer S7 batch four is starting shipping now!’)

Here is some information about the miner, and how we do the packing etc.




{Miner Specifics}

The submodel is 4.73TH/s @ 1293w

submodel label of antminer s7

This submodel is the final model of Antminer S7. About this version, what we got from the manufacturer is that:

  • This submodel is the final model of Antminer S7 (4.73 TH/s @ 1293w). All other models will not be manufactured anymore.
  • The chip of the final model is improved, not the chip used on other models.
  • The default frequency of this model is 700M.

As we all know, there are many different submodels of Antminer S7 for a very long time. This will not happen again.


{Product Display}

Here are some photos of the miner when we testing.









{Miner Testing}

  • We will test every miner before we shipping out the miner. It is very important that our customer gets a working well miner.



  • In our test, the “GH/S(5s)” on the “Miner Status” page may change frequently, but the “GH/S(avg)” will keep stable. So please don’t worry about the frequently-changed speed of “GH/S(5s)”.
  • However, if both the “GH/S(5s)” and “GH/S(5s)” are very low (eg. 3000GH/s), please just restart the miner, and the speed will be normal.


{Testing Video}

Here is a testing video for the Antminer S7:


  • When the PSU is just power on, the miner is not working yet, the loudly sound is from the PSU.
  • The fan of the miner may get loudly and slowly for several times. Don’t worry, please just wait for the miner working.



{Perfect Packing}

Also, we will do the best packing for shipping.

  • Wrapped in bubble



  • Sit it in the foam box.


  • More layers of bubble


  • Set it in the box.


  • Sealed with tape


  • Done



{Visual Inspection}

  • The heat sinks of the Antminer S7 is new designed. Hashing board with individual heat sinks attached, so sometimes in the shipping, the heat sinks may get loose or fallen. 

45 chips

  • When you first receive this miner, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you perform a visual inspection before powering the device. Give the machine a gentle shake and double-check that no heat sinks have become loose or fallen off in transit. (If the device is powered without heat sinks properly attached, the hash board will get burnt and will no longer function.)
  • If any heat sinks have fallen off, please buy a heat sink plaster in your local market to fix the heat sink. (The heat sink plaster is usually very easy to get in your local market and it is very cheap too.) DO NOT power on the miner before you fix the fallen heat sink. The following picture is an example of the heat sink plaster (The heat sink plaster should be sticky):




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