X11 ASIC Miner: The X11 Mining Revolution

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x11 asic miner pic 05


X11 is the name of a chained hashing algorithm. This algorithm uses 11 different algorithms which are chained together. The first coin to use it was Darkcoin, which has since rebranded itself as ‘Dashcoin’.

The X11 algorithm was claimed to be ASIC-resistant. However, check out this hottie! The X11 ASIC miner, it hits a high speed of 450MH @ only 335watt, which is times faster than CPU and GPU mining.

Let’s say,  it’s a revolution for x11 mining.



The PinIdea Dr2 450MH X11 ASIC miner is one of the most powerful dash miner. The hash speed is 450MH/s and the power consumption is only 335w.

Where to buy: https://www.eastshore.xyz/shop/x11-asic-miner-450mh-with-335w-dash-miner/


{Miner Specifics}

Brand PinIdea Dr2
Hash Rate 450 MH/s ± 5%
Power Consumption 335W + 5%
Fan 2 x fan
PSU  NO integrated PSU, need a PSU > 400w with 6pin x 2 or 8pin x 2.  


{Miner Showing}

  • This is the miner you will receive.

x11 asic miner package received

  • Opening the box.

x11 asic miner open package

  • The miner is set in the foam, so there will be no damage risk during the delivery.

x11 asic miner pic 07

  • The miner is a quite small, the size is about: 28.5cm x 13.8cm x 17.6cm.

x11 asic miner pic 06

  • However, the miner is quite heavy. The weight of the miner is about 5KG, the weight will be up to 6KG with the package.
  • The miner is designed as the short cuboid. The case of it is alloy material and black semi-matte paint. This lets the machine seems on quite the scale.

x11 asic miner pic 02

  • There is no any other cables or blade or controller on  the case of the miner. All the cables or controller are hidden inside the case of the miner. This makes the miner very concise and clear.

tutorial for x11 asic miner

  • There are two 12cm PWM fans(12V 1.6A) on the front end and back end of the miner.

x11 asic miner pic 01

x11 asic miner specific of fan

  • On one end of the miner, there are two status lamps. This end of the miner is where the cool wind get in.

x11 asic miner two status lamps

  • There are two 8pin ports and ethernet ports on the other end of the miner. The hot wind will be exhausted from this side.

x11 asic miner fan out end

  • Let’s take a closer look at all the ports.

x11 asic miner the 8pin ports

  • And the fan-in-fan-out


x11 asic miner two fans

  • There are some screws at the bottom of the miner which used to fix the hashing boards. 

x11 asic miner the bottom of the miner

  • And also there are four rubber plastic non-slip mats on the bottom of the miner. Let’s take a closer look:

x11 asic miner non-slip mats

  • When we put the miner on the ground, the non-slip mats will protect the miner against scratched by some other hard things.

x11 asic miner non-slip mats against scratched

  • Opening the case, two blades are showing. 

x11 asic miner two blades in the miner pic2

  • From the front end of the miner, we can see the structure of the miner inside the case is quite clear too.

x11 asic miner from front end inside the miner

  • At the top of the miner are the IO board and the controller (and two power cables for the two fans). 

x11 asic miner the controller



{Mining Guide}

Check the tutorial for the miner for how to connect the miner to PSU and the detailed minig guide for the miner: https://www.eastshore.xyz/tutorial-x11-asic-miner-pinidea-dr2-450mh-335w-dash-miner/

x11 asic miner all connection done


{Miner Test}

  • Test screenshot: when frequency set as 450.

speed of x11 asic miner

speed of x11 asic miner in pool

  • Test for power consumption and noise (Test result: The power consumption of the miner relates to the efficiency of the PSU, we use the 750w LITEON Mining PSU in the test. In our test, the power consumption is about 344w with the default frequency(400) set.)

x11 asic miner power consumption test



  • The design of the miner is sophisticated, sturdy, practical and with relatively small size.
  • After being tested for a week intermittently, the performance of the miner is stable. The hashing rate is a bit higher than the official released data, it hit a speed around 460M when the frequency set at 450.
  • The miner is easy to use, and it supports remote control.
  • Cooling is no issue due to the high rotation speed of the fans (12V 1.6a), the temperature of the chips is only around 30℃. Yet the decibel of the miner could be perceived as a bit high, it can be improved by changing the fans with slower rotation speed as long as the temperature of environment well-maintained.
  • The miner is cost efficient, with 1M@0.65watt, which is 50 times of the R9 GPU miner (1M@37w).


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