Tutorial: Setting up your bitcoin mining power supply

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 tutorial psu for bitcoin mining

In this tutorial, we will introduce some how to set up your PSU for the bitcoin miner (if there is no integrated PSU in your bitcoin miner).



{Setting up PSU: LITEON 750w PSU}

The LITEON 750w PSU is the most cost-efficient power supply in the bitcoin mining world. This PSU is powerful enough for most of the bitcooin miners, and also, it’s more reliable and quieter than most other PSUs.

The PSU package include:

  • PSU x 1;
  • Connection board x 1; (for 6pin connection)
  • 6pin cable x 6;
  • Power cord x 1;
  • Universal Worldwide Plug Adapter x 1;
  • Ethernet cord x 1;

Below is the setting-up for this PSU:

  • This is the PSU you received.

the 750w mining PSU received

  • There is a connection board in the package.

the 750w mining PSU connection board

  • Connect the connection board to the golden finger of the PSU: The back side of the connection board should be UP

the 750w mining PSU connection the PSU

the 750w mining PSU connection board done

  • Then connect the 6pin cables: There are six 6pin ports on the connection board. So you can connect max to six 6pin cables to the PSU. However, You don’t need to connect all the six 6pin cables always. It is ok to connect just enough 6pin cables for your miner. For example, you miner needs just 2 6pin cables, so you just need to connect two 6pin cables to your PSU.

the 750w mining PSU connect 6pin cords

  • Connect the other end of the 6pin cable to your miner.

the 750w mining PSU connect 6pin cords picture 2

x11 asic miner all connection done

  • All connection done.


{Setting up PSU: ATX PSU}

If you also bought the mining PSU in our store, please skip this section and have a look at the following section {Setting up PSU: LITEON 750w PSU}.
  • Suppose you use an ATX Computer Power Supply as your mining PSU.
  • You will need 1 jumper wire. On the PSU’s 24pin motherboard power cable, you have to cross the “Green” line and the “Black” line. (The PSU has a computer inside and it communicates with the motherboard. For this setup, there is no computer motherboard to connect to, so, we have to make the PSU think it’s connected to the motherboard and the PCI and PCI-Express ports are needing the +12 V power.
 ATX PSU connection

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